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    Command+Z Content is an editorial and content services agency

    for authors and creatives.


    Our editors and writers specialize in story, structure, and style.

    Together we work with clients to bring their ideas the last mile.


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    We will review your manuscript or outline, meet with you by phone, Skype or in person to determine your goals and needs. Then we'll draft an Editorial Memo that outlines the scope of the project, your goals and any gaps or problems we believe need to be solved.


    We identify all structural and story issues, identifying solutions to those issues, and refining the author's voice and style in the process. The author will receive a red-lined version of their manuscript with notes & comments to address and stylistic changes to accept, reject or modify.


    In addition to the normal service, this also involves the integration of all changes the author has made after reviewing editor's notes. This includes a full final read-through to ensure consistency of story, structure and style.


    If your manuscript is essentially complete and you just want to make sure everything is in the right place, sounds good, says what you want it to say, etc, then what you'll want is an Editorial Polish. This is a thorough once-over with all major or glaring style issues fixed and any important story or structure issues addressed in the notes & comments section for the author's review.


    If you have a great idea or a great story to tell but you know that you're not a writer, we will take your idea or story and write it for you. We write it, you get the credit.


    If you have a great idea or story but you are only comfortable writing a portion of the manuscript, we will pair you up with a previously published author to write the rest of the book with you (NOTE: in most cases, this includes credit for the co-writer on the cover)


    If you have a great idea for a book, movie, TV show, product, etc and you want the business proposal or the pitch to sound and read as great as the idea is, we will draft it for you.


    This service is for work that is essentially complete but missing that little something. We'll help you identify what that something is and then give it to you.


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